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As a business owner you may need to lease or buy an asset such as a forklift, kitchen equipment, factory equipment, photocopier, computer, or phone system but you may not have the working capital to afford the large cash outlay.

If you were able to purchase all, or part of these goods with trade pounds from another member, they could arrange cash finance (through a finance lender) for part or maybe all of the asset, then hold those funds to use as a valuable cash injection back into the business.

Bartercard assists you to increase your sales, and in turn, you are able to spend the Bartercard trade pounds you earn, as well as your interest free line of credit, to purchase products and services.

In the cash economy, in order to sell excess stock, a business will typically discount stock, run dealer promotions or write off excess stock.

For example a restaurant purchases wine on Bartercard and then sells for cash within the restaurant, a beauty salon buys skincare products and on-sells within the salon, a sporting club buys prizes on Bartercard and then raffles them for cash.

When a Bartercard business owner is continuously having trouble collecting cash from one of their customers (debtors), they may offer to accept part or the entire amount outstanding from the debtor in products or services.

Providing the debtor agrees, a Bartercard member is able to collect their outstanding debt by taking physical possession of the debtors products or by accepting a credit note which they, in turn, are able to on sell through the Bartercard network.

We find that every time a Bartercard member provides a service or product of great quality to another member, the satisfied customer is likely to recommend the business to other people they know in the cash economy.

By being a Bartercard member, they have the option to use their Bartercard trade pounds or products and services that they have purchased on Bartercard, as a means to pay all or part of their cash debt quicker.

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