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Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2015 200931127 4 UNIVERSITY OF LONDON INSTITUTE OF PSYCHIATRY DE CRESPIGNY PARK DENMARK HILL LONDON, SE5 8AF LIBRARY NEW SYDENHAM SOCIETY'S Lexicon of Medicine and the Allied Sciences. We are fully conscious that, in a work of this variety and magnitude, errors will escape observation; we shall be grateful to any reader who, when he meets with what appears to be a mistake, will bring it to our notice. (Gr.) An inseparable prefix used before a consonant and giving to the root an opposite sense ; sometimes an intensitive. Abbreviation of Ana (Gr.) ; signifying, of each, an equal quantity. Considerable care has been bestowed by us upon the etymology and the synonymy of the several words ; a work involving the expenditure of more time and labour than may perhaps at first sight appear proportionate to the result. EXPOei TOEY LEXICON OF MEDICINE AND THE ALLIED SCIENCES, A.

A small shrub ; one ^ that does not grow more than 3 feet in height, e.

{Ab, away from, d/cn's, a ray.) That sui'face of an Echinoderm which is free from spines.

(Belly emptied by force.) Abortion induced by art, according to Chambers and James. (L., from "Af Ba^, a mathematical table on which lines and figures were drawn.) A table used for preparations.

In Therapeutics we have tried to afford accurate information concerning the drugs and preparations of the Indian and of the several European phar- macopoeias, with the doses and mode of administration, when the requisite data could be obtained ; we have also given some account of the remedies in popular use in many countries.

In regard to Medicine, Surgery, Midwifery, and Pathology, without writing encyclopaedic accounts, we have attempted such an explanation of the several words and phrases in use in each of these subjects that the work shall be found to be of frequent service, and, in some degree, to supply the place of other and less accessible books.

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