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STORY: Incubus' Brandon Boyd Finishes Solo Album The book’s foreword mentions Carl Jung’s period of creative illness during . The answer to your question is, yes, I had a physical malady take place, a sequence of them.Throughout your creative processes for both of these projects, did you have any kind of creative illness? It was during a period before I decided to jump into the book and to really jump into the record, and I was experiencing a great deal of fear around actualizing these -- I didn’t know what they were.And his voice: he hits much higher notes than he did on the band’s chart-topping hits -- among them 1999's "Pardon Me" and 2000's "Drive." Some would blame Brendan O’Brien, Incubus' longtime producer, who partnered with Boyd to explore, write and play on the new material.But the singer himself says the audible changes are just long-neglected musical avenues -- a journey chronicled in his new book of artwork, , released Sept. The musician's third print effort offers a peek into Boyd’s creative process as told through ethereal watercolor paintings and never-before-seen line drawings (a technique he showcased on collaborations with Hurley, TOMS Shoes and Codhill Press) along with eloquent journal entries about New York City and photographs taken over the past five years.That’s probably the same for any of the guys in the band -- in my case, it opened a window of opportunity to really concentrate on the book, then these songs started flooding in.It was a creatively abundant year at home -- productive and fun.Part of it is that when we decided to take a hiatus from the road, there were a number of things at play that had brought us to that decision, one of which would be that we were just tired. We really felt if we didn’t come home and park this giant boat for a little while, it would start to leak at the edges.

I figured I would be an illustrator or a fine artist or something, and I actually applied to art school after high school.I don’t know if will do ‘well’ in a commercial sense, but I don’t know if that necessarily matters.It would be wonderful if it does, but I know at this point in my life, at 37, I need to take part ... How is different writing music for yourself versus with Incubus?Now, I’m at that stage where I’m about to go back out and test out a new boat. I don’t really schedule my days -- today I’m going to draw a picture, and tomorrow I’ll write a song.Your new book and album both come out within weeks of each other. Sometimes I wish it would be that way, but my muse is a little more finicky than that.

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