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Shaenon Garrity is posting some Anne Cleveland and Jean Anderson cartoons on her Live Journal. posted am PST | Permalink I apologize as my French pulled a major Vinko Bogataj trying to sort this out, but this article indicates that one of the more historically well-known Parisian BD shops may close at the end of September. The original article also seems to give multiple dates all of which end in a three -- 1963, 19 -- so I'm not exactly sure of the store's background.If someone can help unpack this for me, Xavier Guilbert Writes To Save Us All: Here is a short summary of the article you refer to -- which, to reassure you on your mastery of French, is not very clear with some puzzling points.According to the article, the bookstore is on the brink of closing down because of an impending expulsion, following rough litigation with their landlord and the real estate manager who represents them. The fuzzy part regards the 1983 date -- they mention that "Glenat Editions created the bookstore" at this date but in another location, and that they operate the current store with the Album company.The relation to the rest of the article is not clear, and there is an asterix that indicate that it could be a footnote to some part of the text that didn't get reproduced there.This is pertinent to comics because of the current, ongoing massive shift to on-line reportage and additional resources for existing on-line bodies taking place this summer.Speaking of shifts to on-line reportage and Internet magazine-type presences: Todd Mc Farlane is launching such a site.The piece goes on to contrast filing an official complaint with a violence-filled series of protests demanding government intervention, and points out a little less directly that both this incident and the Danish Cartoons Controversy exist in the context of some violence that has nothing to do with freedom of expression issues.posted am PST | Permalink A new survey by Editor & Publisher indicates that the general shift from print to on-line news sources has perhaps stabilized.

Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 625 Whois Server: com Referral URL: Name Server: NS100. There's also mention of a completed 30-page introduction to Fagin that was scrapped that one hopes might see the light of day at some future date.posted am PST | Permalink In our latest attempt to get this site firing on all cylinders, our ongoing bibliography project "The Comics Registry" returns with an entry on Anne Cleveland. Germain, which once went by the name "Librairie Dupuis" -- it does in New York Times travel article"this New York Times travel article -- and may go by a different name now.· Find Your Local Comic Shop · Find an Indy/Alt-Comic Shop · General Industry Data and Analysis · Characters, Titles, Publishers, and Creators Database · Buy My Book (2003) · Syndicate This Site (RSS 1.0) · Syndicate This Site (Feed Burner) The conservative blog Brussels Journal is on its way to becoming comics news source of the year, following up its close attention to the Danish Cartoons controversy by tracking in English the complaint filed against a recent cartoon about the military conflict in southern Lebanon using imagery from the movie Schindler's List.According to the blog entry, Miryam Shomrat, Israel's ambassador to Norway, filed a complaint at the Pressens Faglige Utvalg, a body set up to receive complaints about press articles.

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