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3 above, the Studierendenwerk may block access to the portal, either completely or partially, temporarily or long term.In the selection of measures to be taken, the Studierendenwerk will take into account the interests of the tenant, in particular the type and scope of the violation of obligations and any potential fault of the tenant.Direct connections at the A8, B27, Stuttgart Airport, the S-Bahn (suburban rail) and in the future the planned short-distance and long-distance train station will ensure pleasantly short routes to us in just a few minutes.So as to make the formalities for living in our dormitories as simple and easy as possible, we have set up this tenant portal for you. On account of the technical set-up of the portal, in particular the fact that the portal can only be accessed via the internet, it may be that there are interruptions in availability of the portal, or periods when the portal cannot be accessed, for example, through disruptions in the public communications network or on account of power failures.Επειδή πρωτάρης με τα Computer με βοήθησε ο ανιψιός μου και μπήκα μέσα στο GREEK-DATE. Μετά από πολλές γνωριμίες με διάφορες κοπέλες, στους δύο μήνες επάνω στάθηκα πολύ τυχερός που γνώρισα την Agina που είναι τουρκάλα από τη Βιέννη.Επί δεκαπέντε μέρες είχαμε αλληλογραφία μέχρι που γνωριστήκαμε αρκετά. Die USP vom war aber sehr verlockend: ein Kontaktforum für Griechinnen und Griechen.

All international companies of any standing are represented here.The tenant is to inform the Studierendenwerk without delay if a third party may have gained unauthorised knowledge of passwords or user names.The Studierendenwerk will not pass on passwords to third parties and will never request a password from a tenant in any other context than the login page. The tenant is obliged always to enter up-to-date, correct and complete information in the portal.Unsere verschiedenen Funktionen, wie Alters-, Detail- oder Umkreissuche, erleichtern und unterstützen Ihre Suche nach dem optimalen Partner.Wir erlauben nur aktiven Mitgliedern die Nutzung von und sind stets darum bemüht unsere Mitglieder auf Seriosität zu überprüfen.

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