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Equestrian history, especially Polish, Eurasian and American horsemanship and its history - from Bronze Age to AD 1939.Historical equestrian art, my own artwork & reconstructions, and some traditional art media and digital artwork-related topics.I could have voted for Without Noticing quite easily but felt that Exit! Generally speaking I just want people to listen to this music and (hopefully) get the same visceral pleasure out of it that I do. And if you’ve been with us regularly for all or some of that time I’d like to thank you for reading. If you have been reading for five years you’ve probably noticed the site changing slowly over that time, I think this is natural.But on top of understandable shifts in taste, the factor of age comes into play - or at least it does for me. Animals make music but it takes a full grown human to put out a limited edition, critical theory-compliant harsh wall noise cassette or set up a bandcamp page for an ecologically conscious, one man transcendental black metal project. Plump up the cushions on your favourite ottoman or chaise longue, fire up The Quietus on your laptop or tablet, lace up your brogues up extra tight and put Shitfucker’s Sucks Cocks In Hell on the home stereo. You never see any animal - not even our closest relatives such as the chimpanzee or highly evolved social creatures such as dolphins, ants or elephants - wearing trainers that they have made themselves. So, my advice to you is this: put your plans for world domination and the foundation of a new religion on ice.Hebden's democratic production style and mixing board economy, valuing every instrument equally, makes it less relentless than its ancestors.

Last year for the first time The Quietus albums of the year featured an affiliate link for digital music via e Music.Please leave your own lists in the comment feature below but be aware that if you have a genuinely missionary zeal for an artist and want us to listen to them with a view to featuring them on the site in future, we’re much more likely to respond favourably to a post where we don’t get referred to as a bunch of gibbering halfwits or what have you.The two main complaints about this chart can usually be summed up like this: one, you lot are so obvious, I could have predicted this chart exactly and two, you lot are so pretentious, I haven't heard of any of these artists. Essentially what I want to say mainly is that I hope you find one or more albums from this list which bring you great pleasure now and in the future.This year we're doing the same, but excitingly also partnering up with our friends (of whom we are frequent customers ourselves) up at Norman Records for vinyl and CD purchases.Just follow the link after each entry to be taken to their online store. John Doran "One of quite specialist tastes, I'll grant you, but beneath all the bullet belts, demonic vocals and divebomb solos toils an uncomplex 1000mph rock & roll band.

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