Guys guide to dating a geek

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This can translate to a boyfriend who is more likely to be sympathetic and understanding, and will give you the attention you deserve.Plus, “people forget that being geeky doesn’t mean you have to live in a basement with your parents,” says Matthew from University of Rochester.Yet these geeks, nerds, and dorks (or whatever other social label you want to stick on them) are becoming coveted for more than their brains.Beneath their glasses and moments of awkwardness lies desirable boyfriend material… Contrary to the movies we’ve grown up with of girls drooling over the hunks while heartlessly rejecting their nerdy secret admirers, people will now often tell you to forget about the hot popular guys because the geeky ones actually make the best boyfriends.

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We have enough to worry about with classes and friends, so this sense of stability leads us to associate geeks with a more secure and therefore attractive relationship.High school may be over but rumors and drama certainly aren’t.Whether you go to small school or are submerged in a sea of cliques at a larger university, we all know that people still gossip.Jamie, a junior at Hobart William Smith, has learned from personal experience: “While I saw my girlfriends being hurt by the ‘popular guys’ day in and day out, I was content with my boyfriend, who would be considered on the ‘geek’ side of the spectrum, who treated me with respect and didn’t feed into the drama that often accompanies social scenes.” Scientific Evidence We’ve had our own personal experiences but as with any nerdy investigation, we should consider scientific evidence as well.If the stereotypes are true and those hot alpha males fit the bill as narcissists feeding off the attention their looks and confidence attract, then geeks offer the potential for a much healthier relationship from a psychological standpoint.

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