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I could be that slim if I was stretched out as tall as her. I actually prefer being curvy and a lot of people like me being curvy!

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Surely one would have to be classified as "legally blind", i.e. She swims in the S12 and S13 categories but the definition of these seems quite vague from what I can find out.

It won't come as a surprise to you all that her fiance Jason Kenny (see Kevin's post) does nothing for me with or without glasses but what I do like is that it is highly likely that Laura has tried on Jason's glasses. I think the only time they would like some attention is when they are in races and the support of people watching will help them along.) Lv2c4i , Thanks for the Michelle Wie piks.

She is an attractive (and tall) young woman with great taste in eyewear. taken-by=themichellewie Kevin , British cycling gold medallist is moderately myopic: , Hannah Russell a British Paralympic Swimmer (S12) who in 2011 was photographed wearing myodisc glasses.

itok=42f9dgdm Intuitions/2012/03/12/1630247_pte-1203084454.jpg? article=20120313-1001630247&aaaammjj=20120313 Pseldonymov , Cloptre Darleux Qwerty , Thanks Julian, there was one image where i wasnt sure as the lens seemed to get stronger toward the outside. I like his glasses, I don't care for the goatee, and I enjoyed his performance over the weekend against the Phillies -- 1 for 9.

gwgs , Therouteur - I can't seem to access the video you referred to in your post. , Nascar driver Kurt Busch wearing a pair of glasses with plus lenses tonight at the Richmond race.

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