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Our love for each other was so strong it largely went unspoken.But I felt entirely sure, and over the following four decades my feelings for Michael have only grown stronger. So much so that I hid the pearl necklace I had told Howard to look for in order to identify me as his date.

Sandra says: My first conversation with Michael, like so many that would follow, comprised of a row.What with being married, having a chaperone, and Michael ordering the cheapest food on the menu, it wasn’t the most romantic of rendezvous.Yet despite the penny-pinching, my attraction for Michael grew.He bought me a First Edition of Tender Is The Night for a birthday present. It is magnificent and romantic — much like the man I married. I tucked it under a scarf until I’d got a look at him and made sure he didn’t have horns and a tail.Thankfully, he accepted my invitation without hesitation (tick), he was a charming and funny guest who also arrived with flowers (treble tick) and at the end of dinner he asked me if I’d consider going with him to Paris the following weekend — which boosted his rating off the top of the chart.

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